XX Century


In the XX Century, it is Guipuzcoa who faithfully maintains the ancestral tradition of cider producing, also greatly due to the support given by this territory's Provincial Council. A big effort was made in defence of the apple, creating several centres and schools, publishing work above all directed at proper apple cultivation, due to the neglect and abandonment of the apple orchards observed in the province. From 1930 to the Spanish Civil War, the Provincial Council subsidised apple tree planting.
The Civil War signified a break in apple tree cultivation and cider production, wasting years with very big crops. The war brought hunger, and with hunger, as the old cider makers say, people do not feel like drinking. Another new decline came a few years later, which brought about the abandonment of apple cultivation and cider production, as it was no longer a profitable occupation. Between the 1950s and 1960s, many family presses stopped making cider finally, along with cider selling establishments, who changed their business. Industrialisation entailed the abandonment of the farmhouses and the setting up of factories and workshops. It goes without saying that secondary work like looking after apple orchards and cider production was almost completely forgotten at this time. Only Guipuzcoa maintained with difficulty the production and consumption of this drink.

It has again increased the production of cider, as well as its consumption

In later years, the work carried out from the Guipuzcoa Country Council in the promotion of apple plantations, studies, classification, etc. must be underlined once again, what together with the added effort of the cider producers themselves has led to a progressive increase in cider production, as well as in its consumption.


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