Gipuzkoa Regional Law


The protection of this product in the Guizpuzcoan jurisdiction is worth a mention. The introduction of foreign cider is also prohibited, unless the entire province cider has been consumed. There is abundant documentation on cider and apple levies and taxes, and innumerable agreements taken in the Town Halls at this time or by the corresponding Councils appear with regards to the laws dictated in the Basque Jurisdictions.
We must stated the relationship of fishermen with cider in the Middle Ages, as Basque fishermen, who went to Greenland and Newfoundland fishing for cod and whales, they transported many barrels of cider in their boats. This practice gradually waned together with whale fishing.

The decline in the importance of the apple started with the introduction of corn as a staple foodstuff in the Basque territory, gaining ground over the apple plantations. The apple orchards were relegated to second-class land, and in many cases, in much smaller quantities. However, this reduction in apple orchards did not cause a reduction in cider production, and its consumption remained higher than other drinks.

From the XVII onwards, the Basque Country's apple orchards started to decline inland

From the XVII onwards, the Basque Country's apple orchards started to decline inland, where the apple was considered more as a food than a drink. However, and with the help of the port activity, cider consumption increased in the town areas. This consumption was affected by the changes suffered in the XVII Century in the country's fishing activity, which gradually lost importance. The increase in the consumption of wine produced in Alava, and above all in Navarra, further added to the decline of cider.


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