Elaboration Process




The biggest part is collected manually in Gipuzkoa, with the help of a tool called “kizkia”, which serves to collect the fruit one by one. We must make a gathering in the optimal spot for aging, for that before starting it is convenient analyzing the state of aging. The gathering period extends from late September or early October, up to half November, according to the apple variety.

Harvest of apples suffer of vecer, in which one year of good harvest is followed by a bad one. Today we’re implanting techniques to be able to regulate these harvests and have regular apple productions. The local apple production doesn’t fulfill the needs of Gipuzkoa cider houses, given in a great part to the tree vecer, so a part of the apple for cider is imported from outside, from Asturias, Galicia, France and the Czech Republic.


The selected and clean apple is translated to the shredder or “matxaka” that has the function of blowing up the apple meat and therefore ease the pressing and ensuring the biggest performance possible of the raw material. The smashed apple is transported on line to the press. This can be done traditionally, as the photo indicates, or by membrane. The majority of cider houses has installed this type of modern presses, that ease a lot the work of the producer and saves time. From the pressing we obtain the very appreciated syrup which after fermentation becomes cider. The performance of the raw material, according to the apple variety and aging point, goes around 50-70%.


The obtained syrup through pressing is translated to its corresponding barrel or “kupela” to begin fermentation. The used deposits are different, they can be made of wood, polyesther or stainless steel mainly.

During approximately the next 2 weeks the syrup will go through its first fermentation, called alcoholic fermentation, in which sugar is turned into alcohol mainly. Once done or at the end of this fermentation it begins the malolactic transformation, in which the malic acid is turned into lactic acid.


Since the apple syrup is turned into cyder, after various fermentations, it’s the cider man who will determine the appropriate momento for the product bottling. The process can take all year, thanks to the cold systems installed in cider houses, that ease a lot the maintenance of the product.

The used technology for bottling of cider has evolved a lot in the last times, for which cider houses have incorporated bottling facilities of last gen in its machinery.


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