Cider Production


The making of cider begins around late September up to early October, with the selection and gathering of the apple. The gathering and reception of the apple doesn’t end up to halfway through November, which is when they receive the later apple varieties.

With the apple in the cider house we begin the transformation of the prime material into the so precious liquid through the smashing and its later pressing. The obtained juice from the press is deposited in barrels (kupelas), which will end in cider after the fermentation processes.

Finally, the cider will be tasted from the very barrel in txotx season from January up to late April and in bottle through all the year.


The Gipuzkoa Natural Cider Association has drawn up a 2018-2020 strategic plan, covering R&D work, research related to the whole cider making process and building up awareness both in the industry and outside it.


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