Cider is the natural drink made by fermenting the juice of cider apples.
Cider has been the principal drink of the Basque lands for centuries.
With every sip of cider you get a piece of our history.


Cider has always been made in Basque territory, but it reached a peak in the 16th century. Farm breweries spread all over the Basque Country to supply a society that was drinking more and more cider. Farmhouses have always been at the centre of cider making, and today coder makers have adapted to changing times with modern facilities but still serve cider in bottles and from the barrel, with the ritual of "txotx" and traditional cider house food. They combine past and present, passing on to future generations what they have learned from those who came before them.


Cider making is a passion that has become an occupation. It has been one of the economic driving forces of the Basque Country. Today there are 100 cider makers in the Basque Country, and as well as producing and selling cider they offer the chance to eat at the brewery: a chance to try the "txotx" experience. Cider breweries also open their doors, organising guided tours, conferences, congresses, activities and special events to cater for audiences of all kinds. As well as making natural cider, diversification, innovation and product improvement are a constant part of today's cider breweries, which produce cider with the Euskal Sagardoa designation of origin, organic cider, sparkling natural cider, aged ciders, Sagardoz cider and apple juices.


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