The Asociación de Sidra Natural de Gipuzkoa (Gipuzkoa Natural Cider Association) was officially set up in 1977 and today is made up of 40 cider makers producing natural cider. Its main functions are to promote cider and to protect the interests of the members of the association. In recent years major steps have been taken to professionalise the industry and improve the quality of the product, and our aim is to continue to progress in this direction, strengthening traditional ways of working and exploring new ones.
There are a wide variety of cider makers in the association, as it includes both big and small producers. The association has to meet the needs of all of them. The 40 producers in the association currently produce about 8 million litres of cider. The association is based in Astigarraga, where it has an office and space for training, tasting, seminars and so on. The Natural Cider Association organises numerous events throughout the year, and has two essential aims: on the one hand, to improve the image of the product with regular consumers, and on the other, to publicise cider beyond the Basque Country, at different international trade fairs.

How are we organised?

The Gipuzkoa Natural Cider Association is a member of the Basque Federation of Natural Cider Makers, together with the cider makers' associations of Bizkaia and Araba provinces. We are also working on the Sagardoa Route project together with the associations in Bizkaia, Araba, Navarra and Iparralde (the French Basque Country), as well as different cultural and tourist players related to the world of cider.

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The designation of origin is a homage to a product that has been consumed in the Basque Country for centuries. A product that has accompanied sailors on their voyages. Testimony to the hard work and way of life of our ancestors. Delighting palates in town and country, on both ordinary and special days.

For cider to earn the Euskal Sagardoa designation of origin and the numbering that goes with it, it must pass a series of analyses and a tasting panel. The HAZI foundation is responsible for assuring the whole process, which begins in the orchard and ends in the bottle. Ciders are submitted to the tasting panel at the Fraisoso laboratory, the first one approved for this job.


Sagardoa Route is a project with a view to the future of cider makers. It brings together all the experiences and options related to the world of cider, and 59 cider makers in the seven Basque regions take part in it. Sagardoa Route offers the chance to return to Basque origins with cider as the theme of the journey. It works in cooperation with the cider makers, through initiatives organised around the world of cider and involving local people and resources.

Our Events

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